The first annual BEFEB barbecue was a success!

In the warm and sunlit Beringen, the very first edition of the annual BEFEB BBQ took place on 24th June 2019. In a hellish, but also blissful 35 degrees Celcius, the new federation welcomed more than 40 hungry escape room owners from over 30 locations scattered all over the country.

Hands were shaken, conversations were held and bottles were uncorked. In a cosy and casual ambience, everybody joined around the tables to chit chat about escape rooms, while the kids could indulge on the bouncy castles. An all you can eat buffet was prepared and everyone feasted in the sun. After the food, everyone remained to chat some more.

In short, it was a super cosy and successful meeting for all BEFEB member to mark the kick-off of the organisation.

Thank you for being there!

Robby Brans
Written by
Robby Brans — 2019-06-27